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Spend less time processing & more time supporting.

Reprocare’s Piggybank Funding Platform was created by abortion movement leaders and tech experts to unify aid requests with abortion funding in one secure application.

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What Piggybank can do for you

Intelligent aid distribution for funds & providers

Encrypted data & customizable security policies

Sliding scale for telehealth abortion providers

Modifiable to meet your organization’s unique needs

See the Piggybank Platform in action

Piggybank’s Partner Application

Abortion funds

Piggybank helps abortion funds meet growing demand without increasing workload.

Manage Funds

Case managers can view, create, and modify funds and eligibility criteria.

Automate approvals & transfers

Piggybank approves aid requests and then transfers the funds so you don’t have to.

Track & report funding

See approved requests and total awards by month, year, provider, or state.

Abortion providers

Piggybank reduces the administrative burden so clinics can focus on providing care.

Streamline case management

Our application handles intake and intelligently matches patients with funds.

Get real-time fund transfers

Financial aid is disbursed in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Simplify tracking & reporting

Customize your Dashboard to show the most important data for your clinic.

Piggybank’s Caller Application

Abortion patients

Piggybank gets abortion seekers the funding they need, right when they need it.

Connects patients with funding

Abortion seekers can secure funding while scheduling their appointment.

Helps remove barriers

Piggybank makes abortion care more accessible through quick-and-easy funding.

Splits costs between funds

If a single grant doesn’t cover costs, our platform divides the amount between funds.

Are you an Abortion Fund, Abortion Provider, Case Manager or Patient Navigator?

Contact us to see how the Piggybank platform can work for your fund or clinic — we’ll follow-up soon to discover your needs and schedule a walkthrough. 

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