Help fund a safe abortion. 

We provide support to people having abortions with pills at home.

We operate a healthline 7 days a week that provides

peer-based, trauma informed emotional support.

Contact Our Reprocare Healthline Today

12pm-12am PST

7 Days a Week

Our anonymous healthline provides peer-based emotional support, medical information, and referrals to people having an abortion at home with pills. 

We only use secure technology to ensure your privacy. 

Reprocare enables folks to afford critical medical care wherever they need it.

Get Emotional Support for your Abortion at Home

We believe in building secure software to protect our callers' data and privacy. Partner with us to build the new generation of open source technology.

Abortions with pills at home are safe, but you don't have to do it alone. Our team of peer-based, trauma informed volunteers are here to support you. Call our hotline today.

This pandemic shows us telehealth is needed now more than ever.

44% of Americans skipped a needed prescription this year

because of cost.

Now is the time for transformative change in abortion access.

Serve All in Need, Not Just Those Who Can Afford To Pay

Address the Injustices of our Healthcare System

Expand Abortion Access Through Telemedicine

Our healthcare system is not working. Communities of color are facing systemic barriers that block access to critical care. Together, we will address these injustices and build a new system.

Underserved communities have been denied access to critical care. Our sliding scale payment model provides reproductive health services to all who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

We partner with Hey Jane, a telemedicine platform focused on reproductive justice, to expand access across the U.S.

Who We Are

Reprocare is a reproductive justice organization and as such, centers communities who are at the intersection of racism, classism, 

and sexism, with an anti-racist, economic justice and feminist approach to healthcare and access to care. We provide a healthline that 

shares medical information about medication abortion, supports low-income callers in accessing funding for reproductive healthcare, and 

offers culturally appropriate doula support to callers. The services that we provide use a reproductive justice framework to assert that 

access to care involves redistributing dollars horizontally as well as top-down, and underscores the value of racial and cultural concordance. 

We also build free open source technology to support other organizations within the Reproductive Justice movement.

Reprocare’s core goal is to normalize the practice of receiving early abortion care at home in order to make abortion more accessible overall. 

Because abortion is one of the most inaccessible, attacked, and underfunded areas of medicine, we hope that by supporting the creation of 

systems that increase patient access to abortion including harm-reduction focused services, that we can concurrently increase access to 

healthcare more broadly by alleviating cost, location, and cultural barriers. 

Reprocare is a part of the Abortion Freedom Partnership, a registered 501c3.

We're Looking for Volunteers

Fundraising Director

  • Managing fundraising strategy for organization
  • Communicating with potential funders  
  • Leading grant application processes
  • Manage donor records and reporting in Salesforce
  • Interest in software products and a true believer in tech for good, data justice & algorithmic justice frameworks
  • Interest in health equity & reproductive health
  • 15 hours per week of availability including Sunday meetings from 11am - 2pm PST
  • Ability to successfully describe the intersection of healthcare policy and technology product solutions to non-technical funders & ability to educate funders about healthcare policy
  • Demonstrated experience successfully scaling fundraising operations of an organization

Product Manager

  • Research and understand tele-health, payment platforms & insurance billing markets
  • Build & keep comparative product analysis documents up to date
  • Create low fidelity wireframes and product specs 
  • Understand healthcare policy 
  • Experience analyzing and conveying problem statements, value propositions and growth opportunities
  • 15 hours per week oof availability including Sunday meetings form 11am - 2pm PST

Digital Marketer & Donor Engagement

  • Managing online fundraising strategy including grassroots/crowdfunding campaigns and donor engagement on social media platforms and through email campaigns 
  • Support partners with campaigns 
  • Manage donor platforms (Donately, Classy) 
  • Generate leads for outreach to abortion funds and abortion providers 
  • Manage marketing records and reporting in Salesforce 
  • 15 hours per week of availability including Sunday meetings from 11am - 2pm PST

Digital Growth Marketer

  • Interest in Reproductive Justice
  •  15 hours per week of availability including Sunday meetings from 11am - 2pm PST
  • Managing digital marketing strategy targeting potential clients, funders, volunteers and partners (tele-health clinics, family planning providers, foundations and individual donors)
  • Manage marketing websites (Instapage, Wordpress) 
  • Manage content creation including blog posts and designs 
  • Manage social media presence and blog including platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter 
  • Manage and report on user analytics across platforms 
  • Generate leads for outreach to abortion funds and abortion providers 
  • Manage marketing records and reporting in Salesforce 

To apply please email :

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All funds go directly to support the accessibility of critical healthcare across the U.S. building a future of safe, accessible self-care.

For press, media, and business inquiries:

[email protected]